When it comes to matters of investing and wealth, if you are like most, you know how good it feels to be well informed, to know where you stand, to feel confident. Managing wealth properly is one of the most vital things to get right in your life.

You can’t trust it to just anyone.

For nearly a quarter century, Janiczek® Wealth Management has delivered comprehensive investment and wealth management services exclusively tailored to high net worth investors and ultra-high net worth investors.

High Net Worth Investors

(individual’s with portfolios of $1 to $20 million)

Ultra-High Net Worth Investors

(individuals with portfolios of $20 million+)


Janiczek®’s Roots … Chicago, Illinois

How did Janiczek® find itself among the top, best and most exclusive wealth advisory firms in the country – multiple times over?

It started with our “why”. The why behind Janiczek® began when our Founder and CEO, Joseph Janiczek was fascinated with the success of an extended family member who built an enormously successful fast food restaurant franchise in Chicago. One aunt’s delicious hot dog recipe combined with years and years of hard work resulted in a bustling, multi-location business that became very lucrative and began attracting attention from buyers.

When the price was right, the business sold and life changed drastically for the relative who was behind it all. It was an American dream come true, the kind everyone likes to hear about – only it wasn’t the end of the story, it was the beginning of seeing how creating wealth and managing wealth are two very different skill sets.

Joseph, as a young man, watched first hand as years of blood, sweat and tears created massive wealth, only to watch it all evaporate for this same relative a very short number of years later. All of it. Gone.

Joseph was stunned. He asked himself “How can this be possible? What went wrong? How can this be?” All the years of hard work and serving their family-owned business should have created wealth that would serve the family for the rest of their lives.

Watching it melt away created a great impression on Joseph beginning in his teenage years and on into adulthood. He went on to found an oil company and lead it as its president early in his career. He couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t just his extended family suffering from poor wealth management. It was happening to others as well.

Joseph became acutely aware that most people are not prepared and have little if any confidence in how to manage a large, life-changing, liquidity event in their lives. Therefore, after six years at the helm of the oil company he founded, Joseph made it his life’s mission and purpose, to study and learn everything he could to not only help protect the wealth for those who created it, but more importantly, to make it grow and serve them.

Founder, Joseph Janiczek, circa 1987

Founder, Joseph Janiczek, circa 1987

The Janiczek® Difference

If you’ve seen one investment firm,
you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong.
Janiczek® is not like all the others.


Unique Goals

First, no client’s goals and circumstances are the same. Everyone builds wealth in unique ways. Some clients are saddled with sophisticated financial situations that have evolved over decades, sometimes blessed with having experienced multiple liquidity events. Others may have just experienced a large, sudden, liquidity event for the first time in their lives. In either case, Janiczek® serves all clients individually based on their unique circumstances and goals.

Knowlege + Experience

While levels of experience, sophistication and circumstances vary, decades in the trenches with clients have helped us acutely understand what strong and solid balance sheets, portfolios, trusted advisor teams and cash flows look like, and what the tell tale signs of weakness and vulnerability look like. It is this knowledge and experience that the Janiczek® Team brings to the table for its clients.


So How Do We Do It?

Janiczek® pioneered two disciplines specifically designed to transform our clientele to a whole new level of financial excellence. Every Janiczek® client receives their own personalized array of services centered on our two foundational disciplines: Evidence Based Investing (EBI) and Strength Based Wealth Management (SBWM).

No one else does this like Janiczek®, nearly a quarter century of proprietary system and tool development within these two disciplines make our patent-pending approach unique.

Evidence Based Investing

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Strength Based Wealth Management

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Our Services

Janiczek® offers investment and wealth management services based on our Founder’s passion and our team’s experience and expertise. We don’t sell products; therefore, our revenue comes from providing fee-only services to our clients. It is our responsibility to serve every client on a fiduciary basis. We take pride in continually putting our clients’ best interest first – not only because it’s our legal duty, but also because it supports our goal – to make you feel like you are the only client we serve.

If you are a like-minded individual seeking a firm who specializes in high or ultra-high net worth investment or wealth management services, let’s talk.

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