HNW Expert Panel

HNW Expert Panel
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Expert Panel Convenes at Janiczek® to
discuss advising high net worth clients.

We host a panel of distinguished experts to review advising high net worth clients. Panel members include, Brady Siegrist, Managing Director of Wealth Management, Janiczek® Wealth Management; Eric Gordon, CAPI, The Denver Agency, Jeff Belair, Tax Partner, EKS&H; Adam Truitt, Principal, Financial Designs, Ltd.; Mike Stiff, Partner, Baker and Hostetler, LLP.

Managing high net worth clients takes expert knowledge, business etiquette, and getting the right team of people to give consistent advice. Building the right relationships ahead of time, between advisors, gives them a leg up when it comes to actually sitting down with clients.

Insider Insight Infographic: The Typical High Net Worth Investor

Brian O'Neil

“Using scenarios in our Total Client booklet Profile helps illustrate key life-changing events and transactions to get clients to take action.”

Brady Siegrist

“It takes 3-5 years of due diligence and future-looking business changes to get a company ready for a sale.”

Mike Stiff

“It takes time and sometimes a few previous wealth advisors to get wealthy families to determine the right long-term plan.”

Jeff Belair

“It’s bigger than simply putting the right numbers on the tax form. We educate clients about their options and proactively communicate with them and members of their team throughout the year.”

Adam Truitt

“We must demystify life insurance and make it a legitimate short- and long-term planning instrument for HNW individuals. We need to educate our clients to overcome the negative connotations of life insurance. Most people think you buy life insurance once, pay premium, and put in the shelf. They don’t understand the impact that interest rates have on insurance policies, or what turns in the market have on insurance.”

Brady Seigrist

“What’s important to you? Our total client profile focuses on key goals, key values, relationships, processes. Money is a means, it’s not an end. Their goals change. Life changes. The longer we work with them, the better you can help them and the more all parties learn. Our average client here is with us at least ten years so far.”