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It’s been an annual tradition of mine to put something special together to share with clients and friends for the new year. This year, the theme is “The Big Breakthrough” and it includes three powerful tools for mastering time, focus and wealth. Watch the video presentation and download the companion worksheets below:

Big Breakthtrough Download now

I was challenged by a friend to put together a compilation of the most powerful tools young and middle-aged adults (those in 20’s, 30’s & 40’s) could utilize to gain maximum traction in their careers, wealth creation efforts and mastery of wealth. The presentation went so well, I decided to go in the recording studio and create a version clients and friends could share with their adult kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids and so on.

So here it is…the Big Financial Breakthrough Video and Worksheets. Click to watch the video and download the worksheets…you are moments away from taking your wealth creation and mastery to an exciting new level.

Yesterday thehappy new year 2015 Fed, led by Janet Yellen, made the announcement the investment community has been expecting: A 25 basis point increase in the Federal Funds rate. The Fed voted unanimously to set the new Federal Funds rate to .25%, up from zero. The outlined path will be a gradual increase with a target rate of 1.38% by the end of 2016. Improvements in the job markets and an increasing level of inflation both supported the Feds decision to increase rates.

The increase draws a close to an unprecedented period of low rates that were part of a grandiose plan implemented by the Fed to help stimulate the economy after the turmoil in 2008. The financial markets took the rate increase announcement in stride, reflecting growing conviction among investors that the U.S. is strong enough to withstand higher borrowing costs.

The energy sector just can’t catch a break, but we see opportunities amidst the carnage.

Throughout 2015, we’ve articulated our investment thesis on MLP, specifically, midstream pipelines. We’ve stated a preference for MLPs’ with growing distributions, not simply the highest yields. We’ve discussed the growth opportunity in the buildout of energy infrastructure that places MLPs at the epicenter of America’s energy renaissance.

And most importantly, we’ve articulated the revenue of midstream pipeline MLPs is more sensitive to the volume, not price, of oil flowing through their pipes.

OPEC’s announcement last week plus a negative reaction to merger news sent nearly all energy-related stocks plunging, including MLPs. Through December 7, the Alerian MLP Index was down 39% from a year ago, with the declines of its 50 underlying constituents ranging from flat to down 80%.

But let’s now look at these companies’ financial performance. Based on the most recent financial releases as of 9/30, the 50 MLPs in the Alerian MLP Index generated a median revenue growth of 12.7%. And as for sensitivity to oil, these same 50 MLPs operating earnings (or “EBITDA”) rise 19.4% warranting a 7.3% median increase in distributions to shareholders. Not exactly financial indicators of death, right?

The giving season is upon us, and at Janiczek we are blessed to work with and guide a number of charitably minded clients whose life long mission is to give back to their favorite charities and causes on a regular basis.  While their generosity and intentions really don’t revolve around the tax advantages (it is more about the philanthropies they support), to give wisely is a great way to benefit both the recipient and the donor.

Janiczek donations

So what are the main reasons for making a charitable gift?  That answer may be very different from one person to the next, but I would suggest some of the more common motivations would include the following:

  • Compassion for those in need
  • Religious and spiritual commitments
  • Perpetuation of one’s beliefs, values and ideals
  • Support for the arts, sciences and education
  • The desire to share one’s good fortune with others

Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us, and hopefully we will be spending this day and a meal with our family, friends, and loved ones.    It’s wonderful to be able to reminisce about great memories from years gone by, and to make new memories for future generations to come.

Many of us don’t get together nearly as frequently as we want with our loved ones, sometimes just once or twice a year, and mainly around the holidays.  Due to the fact we only see these loved ones a couple of times a year, we may be more alert and notice subtle changes in people’s demeanor; maybe someone is slightly more forgetful asking you to repeat things a bit more often, or maybe they’re not as steady on their feet as they were last time you saw them.  That’s just human nature as we all get older, and probably they know it just as well as you do.

In my career in Wealth Management, it’s part of our process to always ask, “So what does your estate plan look like?”  This question takes a different light as your family and clients get a bit older, and having parents in their early 80’s makes me look at things through a different lens. 

Thanksgiving approaches, and with it comes the annual shopping event known as Black Friday. Retailers slash prices the Friday after Thanksgiving, spurring demand that, in some cases, goes beyond insanity.

Anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows that when prices decline while supply stays fixed, demand increases. But when this concept gets applied to investments, the laws of
economics (much like diets during the holidays) go right out the window.

Imagine you’re in a department store, and you’re looking at that beautiful designer dress or that latest hi-tech gadget that you’d just die to have. You wrestle with your inner voice, debating whether the big price tag is too steep, or whether you can actually justify paying it.

We are all touched by terror. Our response can be to give into it (live in fear, live in hate, etc.) or lever off of it with unquenchable courage and love. Here is a link to a beautiful tribute by Antoine Leiris to his wife Helene, one of the victims in the Bataclan theatre attack in Paris:

Video Tribute: “I will not give you the gift of hating you” – Antoine Leiris 

As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, our heart and prayers are that we all can respond to any setbacks or evil in such a loving and courageous way.

Janiczek® is excited to announce that Brian O’Neil has joined the firm’s  Wealth Optimization Team to heighten Janiczek®’s disciplined Evidence Based Investing (EBI) and Strength Based Wealth Management™ (SBWM) platform.

Brian Close-UpBrian graduated from the State University of New York, College at Brockport in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science, and in 2004 from Regis University with a Master of Business Administration degree. Prior to working at Janiczek® Brian served as a Senior Advisor for Karsten Advisors from September 2014-October 2015, and with TIAA-CREF Individual Advisory Services (IAS) as a Wealth Management Advisor and Senior Manager from January 1995-September 2014.

Spending two days in New York City with Jim Collins (author of Good to Great), Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Oscar Farinetti (founder of Eataly), Stephen Ritz and many other business and civic leaders was absolutely amazing. The event took place at the Lincoln Center and the theme was all about Story Makers – people who face shocks – both personal and organizational – and who use those shocks to achieve the extraordinary.

I believe one of the best ways to learn huge life lessons is to encounter other human beings and listen intently to their stories. Lessons are learned from great successes, great failures and great challenges that were overcome.

I have a learning approach I call the iMethod™ I use to maximize learning. It consists of four steps:

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