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Book Recommendations--Summer 2018
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Book Recommendations–Summer 2018

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“I read and read and read. I probably read 5 to 6 hours per day. I read five daily newspapers, I read a fair number of magazines, I read 10k’s, I read annual reports, and I read a lot of other things too. I’ve always enjoyed reading. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest.”
– Warren Buffett

In other words, reading opens one’s mind to bigger and better things. Another voracious reader, Bill Gates, recently shared his picks for some good summer reading. And who wouldn’t be interested in reading what a brilliant thinker like Gates found illuminating?

Of course, the Janiczek community isn’t short on good book recommendations either. In December, our team offered up some of our favorite books of the year, and our client community responded with some great picks of their own. (One client recommendation made the current Bill Gates list … great minds think alike, right?!)

So, as you begin your summer reading, whether to learn or to simply escape, we gladly share a few of our picks. Personally, I’ll be reading one of Bill Gates’ picks, Origin Story: A Big History of Everything by David Christian.

If you have book recommendations, by all means, let me know!

Book Recommendations from the Janiczek Team

Jim Callahan

Book Recommendations--Red Notice by Bill BrowderRed Notice by Bill Browder

Corruption in Russia has been widely known for years, but this true story from a hedge fund manager is simply incredible. Sadly, the account includes the death of one of Bill Browder’s lawyers in Russia who stood up against the crooked government officials and paid the ultimate price. The Russian stock market trades incredibly cheaply even today, but this book will make you think twice about doing business in Putin’s Russia.  -Jim



Brady Siegrist

Book Recommendations--The Untethered Soul by Michael W. SingerThe Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Summertime, to me, is a good time to slow down, relax, and reflect. The author shows readers how one can break free from the restrains of self-induced boundaries. Our clients may draw some connections with a program we hosted, Thoughts Patterns for High Performance. Regardless, it’s a wonderful journey that’s a perfect addition to your summer reading list.  -Brady



Kyle Kersting

Book Recommendations--The Lost Symbol by Dan BrownThe Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Veering from my typical nonfiction readings, this quarter I am recommending this follow-up to The Da Vinci Code. In true Dan Brown form, this story follows Robert Landon through a new adventure of codes, symbols and unexpected plot twists. It’s a well-written intellectual thriller that I highly recommend if you are looking for a book that will keep you guessing!  -Kyle



… and last but not least, for the younger readers out there …

Zach Callahan (age 11)

Book Recommendations--Ranger's Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan by John FlanaganRanger’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

I think there should be a book recommendation for kids, and this one is my favorite. But be warned: this book may be scary to younger readers … and I can speak from experience!  -Zach


James Callahan, CFA

James Callahan, CFA is Managing Partner at Janiczek® Wealth Management.

Jim brings 20 years investment experience to Janiczek®’s disciplined Evidence Based Investing (EBI) and Strength Based Wealth Management™ (SBWM) platform. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Santa Clara University, an MBA from the University of Michigan, and is a CFA charterholder.
(303) 339-4483

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