Filtering through the Media Noise

Filtering through the Media Noise
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Filtering through the Media Noise

I was watching CNBC this morning and the interviewer began the interview with the two portfolio managers invited onto the show and the interviewer lead into the segment with the following question which then became the initial banner for the viewing public; ”election years;  steeped in market uncertainty, will the market be down?

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I thought the two guests on the show did an admirable job of answering the interviewers questions, but it provided to me a crystal clear contrast on the differences between the investment professionals goals and the goals of the interviewer; The investment professionals were attempting to educate the viewers to their firms unique investment philosophies on a macro level basis, where the media personality was trying to gain additional viewership.”  There is nothing wrong either side’s points of view as they were just doing their job, but one needs to understand what their respective goals are and act accordingly. 

Things are very rarely as positive or as dire as the media portends.  Our Wealth Management process at Janiczek is steeped in planning, and our goal is to build a strong foundational plan that provides clarity to our clients so they can be successful even through the toughest markets.  This isn’t accidental, but purposefully planned with many iterations of outcomes reviewed.  How we craft client’s portfolios is also a rigorous and defined process.  We are looking at the allocation as one that is not static, but periodically needs to be rebalanced given market conditions as well as changes in the client’s goals and objectives.   There is almost always a compromise between the amount of risk a client is willing to accept and the expected return on the portfolio.

One of the main tenets of Janiczek Wealth Management is to help clients filter through the noise and avoid the investor behavior penalty.  We plan ahead, back test what-if scenarios, and change when the conditions dictate, and this includes understanding how the Presidential candidate’s views may effect a client’s given situation.  Our goal is to educate and act in our client’s best interest, and to filter through the media noise for our clients as opposed to the media’s sole goal of increasing its viewership.

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