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Expert Panel
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Expert Panel Convenes at Janiczek® to Review Best Practices:
Before Liquidity Event
Got Liquidity Event
Liquidity Event

Three times a year, we host a panel of distinguished experts discussing the best practices for preparing for, completing and thriving after a life-changing liquidity event from the sale of a business. The panel, consists of Janiczek® Founder and CEO Joseph J. Janiczek, MSFS, ChFC; famed Exit Planning Author John Brown; transaction attorney from Minor & Brown, Lisa D’Ambrosia, JD; taxation expert CPA from EKS&H, JoAnn Baginski, CPA; business broker and negotiation expert Bob Forbes and Strategic Business Planning Expert Kumar Dandivante.

Video Library of Best Practice Snippets and Short Stories

Selling Your Business: The First Steps – Joseph Janiczek

Selling Your Business: The First Steps - JoAnn Baginski

Selling Your Business: Where is the Market Today? Lisa D’Ambrosia

Selling Your Business: Where is the Market Today? Bob Forbes

Selling Your Business: The Biggest Takeaways - Steve Kopitz

Selling Your Business: Common Mistakes – Joseph Janiczek

Selling Your Business: Your Role in the Transaction – Joseph Janiczek

Download The Denver Business Journal’s Article on Selling Your Business

What are the Current Business Sale Conditions?

“Sellers should conduct due diligence as comprehensively on the buyer as they are doing on you.”

Joanne Baginski, CPA, CM&AA

“Be prepared to take a little less now so that you don’t have to take a lot less later.”

Pål Berg

“Both buyers and sellers are more cautious than ever but both are looking for the right opportunity, and the right advisors help.”

Lisa D’Ambrosia

“Identify the key levers that can increase the value of your business — beyond just EBITDA.”

Bob Forbes

“Sale exit planning is key. Sellers need to think about their potential sale earlier than ever.”

John Brown

“First, most mistakes have to do with not having the right specialists involved. Second, to not devoting adequate time to the planning and preparing part.”

Joseph Janiczek

“From the seller’s side, you have to guide the buyers. Valuable lesson: asking the buyers how you are going to go about the transition? Tell the whole office? Hold a breakfast meeting? Telecom? Etc. We worry about that stuff even when representing the sellers.”

Lisa D’Ambrosia

“It’s all about being a depletion-resistant wealth steward and penalty-resistant investor. We guide business owners from 5-years before the life-changing liquidity event to continually after receiving the windfall.”

Joseph Janiczek

“What I do see out there in oil and gas right now – for example – is lots of people who want to sell or tried to sell, but the buyers [in this sector] have disappeared. I include myself in this group. I am looking at other sectors at the moment. It has been an interesting journey.”

Pål Berg

Are You Interested in Confidentially Preparing for a Business Sale?

We can greatly help you before, at and continually after the life-changing liquidity event. Call us at 303-721-7000 to begin the conversation. Ask for Cathy Wegner, Director of New Client Engagements and she will arrange for you to speak with or meet with one of our advisors.

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