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The 2016 New Year has started off with a downward trend in the Equity markets. Creative business ideaWe have spoken with many clients over the past few weeks and we have been asked the question of, “what is going on in the markets and what should we be doing”? Here are some facts;

• The U.S. Economy is estimated to grow at 2.5% this year. This rate increase is a slow and steady trajectory and a rate that doesn’t show signs of overheating.
• U.S. employers have created approximately 220k new jobs/month over the past year and today there was an announcement of 292k jobs created last month.
• Layoffs are at very low levels, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Most workers in the U.S. today have good job security, which boosts confidence.
• American homeowners have recovered nearly all the equity lost during the housing bust. Overall net worth, which also includes financial assets, is close to record levels.
• Things have slightly improved in Europe as well, though more slowly than here at home. Euro-zone unemployment is inching down, confidence is improving and a string of back-to-back        recessions appear to be over.

Janiczek® is excited to announce that Brian O’Neil has joined the firm’s  Wealth Optimization Team to heighten Janiczek®’s disciplined Evidence Based Investing (EBI) and Strength Based Wealth Management™ (SBWM) platform.

Brian Close-UpBrian graduated from the State University of New York, College at Brockport in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science, and in 2004 from Regis University with a Master of Business Administration degree. Prior to working at Janiczek® Brian served as a Senior Advisor for Karsten Advisors from September 2014-October 2015, and with TIAA-CREF Individual Advisory Services (IAS) as a Wealth Management Advisor and Senior Manager from January 1995-September 2014.

I recently sat down with one of our clients who had enjoyed significant success in building their wealth through the concentration of a publicly traded company.  Throughout his twenty plus year career as an executive, he had amassed hundreds of thousands of shares of company stock representing several millions of dollars.    With a goal of winding down his career in the next 3 years and
nearly 87% of his family’s entire net worth in this single stock, it was clear the potential dangers outweighed the benefits of having a portfolio so dependent on one single publicly traded company. 

After showing the husband and wife through our Strength-Based Wealth Management™ (SBWM) process that they could not only meet but exceed their ideal lifestyle from the assets they have accumulated, I asked the following question…You can continue to take on this level of risk, but why?  In this particular case, the couple agreed it was more than time to unwind this concentration and re-allocate to a broadly diversified, risk-adjusted portfolio.  This decision released a level of tension and stress the couple had been feeling for a number of years, and offered peace of mind they would be able to weather any type of economic storm with a more balanced approach.

Janiczek® is excited to announce that Kyle Kersting has joined the firm’s investment team to leverage our research excellence with our partners in the marketplace.

KylKylee graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and Real Estate, and Regis University with a Master in Business Administration degree with a concentration in Finance. Kyle is a level III CFA candidate. Kyle comments, “I am very excited to start a new chapter with the Janiczek® Wealth Management team and leverage my previous experience to contribute to the future success of the firm.”

Selling Your Business

I recently presented to a room full of successful business owners on the topic of “ensuring your business is part of your retirement strategy”. What became immediately clear was the level of success these individuals have recognized as they continue building their respective companies… and ultimately their net worth. The stories shared had many similar financial characteristics including: record sales growth, impressive earnings, strong revenues, great cash flow, ability to reinvest back into their companies, as well as healthy distributions back to the owner that allowed for living an enviable lifestyle.

Stepping away from the discussion of their shared business successes, I inquired on how many owners had a concise vision of when they planned to step away from their business and what their ideal retirement (or post-business life) looked like. Roughly 50% of the room raised their hand with the majority planning to exit within 3 to 10 years. They shared visions of extensive travel, second homes, giving back to their communities, spending quality time with family, new hobbies, starting a new business, etc. The overriding goal was to be financially independent of course!

File Cabinet - JaniczekI’m excited. I just upgraded my personal finance organization system and, by far, it’s the most complete, accessible, secure system supporting my efforts to be a great steward of our financial resources.

I want everyone reading this blog post to know that I have personally utilized and reviewed many, many methods of organization over the years. My observation is that most people either lack an organized system or have something too complicated, costly and/or time consuming to serve them. I hope my sharing this inspires ideas for upgrading what you have supporting you.

My system is super-simple, super-accessible, super-secure and takes hardly any time or money to maintain. Sound interesting? Read on.

Here’s a summary of the system, organized into a handful of rules:  

London England-headquartered Financial Times, with a worldwide readership of 2.2 million daily, has named Janiczek® Wealth Management to its Top Registered Investment Advisor list for 2015. 2000 elite advisory firms were invited to apply for consideration, and only 300 were selected. The prestigious 125 year old publication chose Janiczek® Wealth Management as one of only three Colorado-based firms to receive the award.

The award is an affirmation of our firm’s commitment to Evidence Based Investing (EBI), our highly disciplined approach to investment management, and Strength Based Wealth Management (SBWM), a comprehensive approach to building optimal levels of financial strength, agility, flexibility and endurance for high and ultra-high net worth investors. We are honored by this prestigious award, and are excited to add it to our growing collection.


Cirque tentOur latest client appreciation event, the Cirque du Soleil performance of Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities, was a big hit. We had hundreds of clients and friends from across the country join us in the “Grand Chapiteau” (big tent) celebrating our 25-year company anniversary in style.

Why did we select “curiosity” as the theme for this quarter-century milestone celebration? It was an easy choice. Simply put, we attribute a healthy dose of curiosity as a key ingredient behind our success and the success of  the hundreds of high and ultra-high net worth clients we serve.


A prWealthy intergenerational familyominent estate planning attorney I was meeting with recently said it well:

“The middle high net worth segment ($5 million to $40 million net worth) often encounter:

A) a revolving door (of representatives) from mega-institutions that may “lower their standard” and accept them as a border-line (size) account, or

B) biased sales pitches from retail brokers and banks who are incentivized and organized to pitch investment products rather than provide comprehensive investment and wealth management services.”

We couldn’t agree more with this synopsis. As we like to say, who wants to work with an advisor who “gives them no respect” (we call it the “Rodney Dangerfield” treatment) and way too complicated and costly investment products in today’s open architecture world? Or, who wants to be the gravy train for the top sales superstars of retail brokerages and banks when “open source/free agency” investing has opened up a world of quality, lean investment vehicles less complicated, less costly and less sticky (easy to plug in and out)?

TPHP OverviewJanuary 29, 2015.

Greenwood Village, Colorado. Janiczek® Wealth Management is celebrating its 25-year Anniversary gifting two extraordinary experiences to its clients.

First, the company acquired premium tickets for a Cirque du Soleil performance of Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities for its clients and special guests for a 25-year anniversary experience a little later in the year. "The theme of having a high level of curiosity and exploring new possibilities in life is precisely the message we want augmenting our unique Evidence Based Investing and Strength Based Wealth Management services" said Joseph J. Janiczek, the founder and CEO of the company. "We expect clients and friends from 25 states around the country to join us in this experience and celebration."

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