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Our Formula
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Our Formula


EBI = Evidence Based Investing, SBWM = Strength Based Wealth Management

Wealth Mastery

Our aim for each Janiczek® client is wealth mastery. More specifically, this means:

  • Being an accomplished, penalty-resistant investor
  • Being an accomplished, depletion-resistant wealth steward

Do you or we have to be perfect? Not even close.

In fact, we would say the pursuit of perfection is undesirable and counter productive. In our observation, those who are fixated on investment and wealth management have crossed the line where they are serving their money, instead of money serving them – and just like anything else over-muscled, fatigue sets in and mistakes are made.

The Essential 15%

In fact, we like to follow an approach pioneered by systems and statistical expert Edwards Deming. Deming statistically proved that if one focuses on the first 15% and does this proficiently, 85% of results are derived (akin to the 80/20 rule) from such efforts. While one does not have to stop at the first 15%, the point is that great progress can be made by really getting the first 15% right. The rest is gravy.

Conversely, when one does a poor job getting the first 15% right they default in being in the 85% Trap. The 85% Trap is akin to spinning wheels. Lots of effort, little influence on result. Our view is that many people are stuck investing and managing wealth in the 85% Trap.

Putting it all Together

We return to the one graphic shown several times within our website. It embodies our formula and every principle we live by. EBI + SBWM = Wealth Mastery as follows:

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