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Strength-Based Wealth Management
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What Is Strength Based Wealth Management®?

“Strength Based Wealth Management® (SBWM) is a comprehensive approach to building financial strength, agility, flexibility and endurance, and using such financial advantage to gain further immunization against the Investor Behavior Penalty.”

Janiczek® Brings Clarity

The root of many financial mistakes, including several forms of the Investor Behavior Penalty, are found in poor clarity about ones financial strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. Our founder, Joseph J. Janiczek pioneered many tools and techniques for measuring and building optimal levels of financial strength and endurance and incorporated them into Janiczek’s® proprietary process.

In fact, Janiczek® founder Joseph J. Janiczek holds the patent on “Systems and Methods of Optimizing Wealth” (United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent Number 8,903,739) via a separate intellectual capital company he owns (Wealth with Ease, LLC) and exclusively licenses to Janiczek®. This patent currently has 28 allowed claims. An additional patent application has been filed on other features and claims and is in patent pending status with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office at the present time.

A Simple and Elegant Approach to Building and Maintaining Optimal Levels of Financial Security & Independence

Beyond the practical implications, Strength Based Wealth Management® is actually a very simple approach to gaining clarity and a true sense of financial security and independence. So long as you understand a color legend of red, yellow and green – for vulnerability, issue and strength, the Wealth Optimization Dashboard – the central nervous system dashboard of SBWM – helps you see where you stand and where you need to act. In cognitive science, it is said that once you clearly show the mind a gap between where you are and where you want to be, your mind will work to fill the gap. This is the intuitive elegance of this system.

Clients of our firm gain the advantages of our SBWM system including our color-coded Wealth Optimization Dashboard (as seen above). In short, clients utilizing this system have key aspects of their wealth measured and compared to over 100 proprietary standards of excellence.

The results of this analysis are illustrated with a color-coded green (strong), yellow (issue) and red (vulnerability) rating that makes it very clear where one is strong and where one is weak.

It should be noted that SBWM is not only about advanced planning. Since we have tied many Investor Behavior Penalty characteristics to a lack of clarity in this dimension of prudent financial management, we say that it needs to be a component of optimal investing.

In fact, the reason our main graphic depicts EBI as a smaller circle and SBWM as a larger circle overlapping EBI is that we believe SBWM should rightfully be the dominant discipline and EBI a complimentary secondary discipline. After all, individual investors primarily invest for financial security and independence purposes and other personal goals. This is the primary domain of SBWM.

What are the Five Guiding Principles of Strength Based Wealth Management®?

Always make your balance sheet, cash flow and portfolio your friend, not your foe.


Always compare your finances to standards of excellence and utilize them to direct you to making optimal enhancements.

Always back-test and stress-test your plan under various scenarios to further reveal strengths, weaknesses, and possibilities.

Always know what is pulling you forward, holding you back, and serving you best – essentials to having optimal energy, confidence and focus supporting your plan.

Always be specific and proactive by identifying and implementing the strategic actions that will result in the best permanent changes and advantages going forward.

Practical Benefits

From a practicality standpoint, the system functions quite effectively in inspiring continuous action to build strength. Similarly, the system is designed to show where strengths are maintained, and where they are deteriorating, so, in the event of deterioration, swift corrective action could be taken. We believe this feedback loop is the cornerstone of effective ongoing wealth management.

As Janiczek® created and coined SBWM, much work was focused on the Elastic Limit Wealth Threshold™ and an offset of it called the Elastic Limit Wealth Quotient™. Simply put, the word elastic limit is an engineering term describing the level of stress something can withstand before being irreparably damaged.

SBWM seeks to expand the Elastic Limit Wealth Threshold™ to safe levels that can sustain a desired standard of living level through up, down, sideways and even “waterfall” decline economic periods and markets. Our Elastic Limit Wealth Quotient™ is a measurement system designed to help clients enjoy optimal levels of strength, agility, flexibility and endurance. We are committed to continued research and development in this very important field.

This rigorous methodology provides clients participating in our service with clarity and confidence, designed to minimize their exposure to the Investor Behavior Penalty and the risk of wealth depletion. It is also a key component in our arsenal to liberate clients from the complexity of managing wealth, further enabling them to thrive with their good fortune.


For a complimentary digital copy of the first two chapters of our book: Investing from a Position of Strength, a high net worth investors guide to surviving and thriving in all investment climates, click below to download your copy.

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