Janiczek Hosts Cyber Security Seminar

Janiczek Hosts Cyber Security Seminar
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Janiczek Hosts Cyber Security Seminar

Great Tips to Avoid Common Cybercrime Threats


Janiczek Wealth Management hosted a cyber security seminar on June 8th to educate our clients, friends and family.  Jeff Lanza, former FBI speaker was the featured speaker.  As an FBI agent, Lanza investigated corruption, fraud, organized crime, cyber-crime, human trafficking and terrorism. Lanza is passionate about educating individuals on how to protect themselves from cyber-crime as well as helping organizations stay safe. 

The audience was educated on identity theft and cyber security.  A few key takeaways:

  • Don’t click on links in emails from unknown senders
  • Be cautious when clicking on links from known senders, hover over link to verify correct address
  • Do not use the same password on Facebook that you use for other sites
  • Never reply to unsolicited emails from unknown senders or open their attachments
  • Shred your sensitive trash with a cross-cut or micro-cut shredder
  • Have different, strong passwords for multiple email accounts

As more aspects of our lives continue to gravitate online, protecting yourself from identify theft and internet fraud is both crucial and increasingly challenging. Janiczek strives to protect our clients personal and financial information from these risks, and will continue to devote the time and resources needed to stay a step ahead of the hackers. To learn more on how we can help you, please call Kristi Yablonski or Pam Dorn at 303-721-7000.


Cathy Wegner

Cathy Wegner is the Director of New Client Engagements at Janiczek® Wealth Management. Janiczek serves high net worth and ultra-high net worth investors across the country, and has been named among the top, best and most exclusive wealth advisors in the nation multiple times. cwegner@janiczek.com

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