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Joseph JaniczekI’m in Times Square in New York City celebrating the New Year and very recent birth of our first grandchild. 🙂

Given this is our special 25-Year Anniversary as a company, we created two "special edition" resources to help clients and friends spring board into 2015 with great focus and purpose. Just click on the download buttons below for an instant PDF copy our "Making 2015 an Extraordinary Year" and "Recommended Books, Apps and Resources" guides.

patented-JaniczekI am so pleased to announce that today, on December 2, 2014, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted patent number 8,903,739: Systems and Methods for Optimizing Wealth, of which I am the inventor.

Decades in the trenches with accomplished business leaders experiencing a life-changing liquidity event offered the ideal extreme conditions conducive to innovation. Simply put, I do not believe people who experience good fortune should have to struggle to keep the wealth they created protected, growing and serving them…all too often wealth masters people instead of people mastering wealth.

persistent-worries-gains“Given the big run that stocks have had, it’s probably a good time to sell.”

I recently heard this at a holiday party, but what struck me was how often I’ve heard the same thinking over the last 5 years … only with a different catalyst.

There seems to be plenty to worry about these days.  Richard Bernstein Advisors recently published the latest list of fears.

a-leaders-disciplineSchwab’s annual industry conference, Schwab Impact, was held in Denver last week. The conference offered two memorable keynote speakers in former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, and our 43rd President George W. Bush. They both offered authentic recollection of the financial collapse in 2008, and the September 11th terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

In listening to both speakers candidly telling their stories, I had a much deeper appreciation around their thinking and the actions they took to lead our country through those difficult times.

graphWe’ve all been told before that “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes,” and “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it”.

In the investment world, there’s a lot of truth in those quotes. The economy, the business cycle, and the markets all have observable patterns: expansions & recessions, growth and decline, bulls and bears.

For example, much has been said about the so-called Shiller P/E ratio, which values today’s price relative to a 10-year earnings average.

dinner-is-servedPeople often approach me at cocktail parties asking for my view of the investment climate and/or sharing theirs. While I go to such functions purely seeking to enjoy great friends, food and drink; I’m always happy to oblige.

To tell you the truth, cocktail talk almost always reveals one of the biggest investment mistakes on the planet: trying to be right.


When we published our 2014 Market Outlook in January of this year, we identified that we were still bullish and overweight stocks coming off of the nice rise in equities in 2013. We also said we had some strong evidence indicating the higher probability of a pullback of 10% to 20% in the fall but that numerous indicators lined up for a likely strong 4Q14. The analysis behind our commentary has helped us greatly thus far in 2014.

Check out our Q3 edition of Portfolio Matters.

When it comes to the media, we’ve often said there’s been a big swing from quality to quantity.  However, as our Founder and CEO, Joseph Janiczek, likes to remind our clients, there is a very big difference between “news” and “noise”.  Our latest edition of Portfolio Matters cuts right through the noise to provide you an objective view of the markets.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal, 7/28/2014

Source: The Wall Street Journal, 7/28/2014

Few investors realize that no one has any ability to predict the future. Even fewer understand that predictions don’t matter.

For example, take economists’ forecasts. According to Ned Davis Research Group, economic forecasters have not correctly predicted any of the 7 recessions experienced since 1970. In fact, the forecasters as a group have never even called for a recession.

benchmark-portfolioAs investors opened their 3rd quarter statements while U.S. stocks dropped nearly 10%, I’m sure many of them sought comfort in comparing their portfolio’s performance to the market. I’m also sure that they didn’t get an answer. Why? Because they asked the wrong question.

You see, most investors require their portfolio to deliver a certain result, and that result is determined by understanding what their financial goals are and how are they tracking relative to those goals.

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