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Oil-Barrels-with-Red-Arrow JaniczekAfter declining 60%, oil has rallied 40% to around $60 this year. The media has turned its ADD-like attention elsewhere, but the energy sector is one of many markets we continue to follow.

I’m sharing an article from Richard Wilson, founder of Wilson Family Offices. I found his unique perspective on the implications of the new normal in oil fascinating. In his words, he has “spoken to over 50 institutional investors and family offices regarding their oil and gas investments, the majority of these investors manage over $1B+ in assets.”

Read the full article to learn how the ultra-wealthy are managing their oil and gas investments, and look for key insights (or at least, valuable questions) that can be applied to your own portfolio.


A prWealthy intergenerational familyominent estate planning attorney I was meeting with recently said it well:

“The middle high net worth segment ($5 million to $40 million net worth) often encounter:

A) a revolving door (of representatives) from mega-institutions that may “lower their standard” and accept them as a border-line (size) account, or

B) biased sales pitches from retail brokers and banks who are incentivized and organized to pitch investment products rather than provide comprehensive investment and wealth management services.”

We couldn’t agree more with this synopsis. As we like to say, who wants to work with an advisor who “gives them no respect” (we call it the “Rodney Dangerfield” treatment) and way too complicated and costly investment products in today’s open architecture world? Or, who wants to be the gravy train for the top sales superstars of retail brokerages and banks when “open source/free agency” investing has opened up a world of quality, lean investment vehicles less complicated, less costly and less sticky (easy to plug in and out)?

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