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“When it comes to your wealth, you are the newly appointed CEO of My Wealth, Inc.”

When working with business owners who have experienced a liquidity event, we often see the most success when these high net worth individuals manage their wealth the way they managed their business.  Let me explain why.

Investors have surely noticed the recent volatility in the global market place. In the first few weeks of 2016, we have experienced very volatile markets both domestically and internationally. The catalysts of the global sell off have been the volatility experienced in the Chinese markets and the plunging price of oil.

On top of the China’s current economic issues, devaluation of the yuan has added angst around the globe. Although China’s economy is the second largest in the world, its stock market represents a fraction of the global equities market. Investors need to remember that China equity falls are more correlated with short-term psychological factors rather than the underlying China economic conditions.

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Take a deep breath…  YOU have the golden ticket!  Your thoughts immediately jump towards all your wildest dreams, and reality starts to kick in that money is no longer a hurdle to life experiences or the worldly goods you desire.  If you can dream it up, you can do it!  With such a substantial jackpot, it’s hard to fathom that someone could possibly blow through this type of fortune.  Without a clear and concise plan, however… anything is possible!

So how do you protect yourself from becoming associated with the unwanted statistic that 70% of lottery winners eventually end up broke?

The task for growing and protecting your assets can be daunting, and there are 35 areas of wealth that need to be optimized in order to become an Accomplished, Depletion-Resistant Wealth Steward.

The 2016 New Year has started off with a downward trend in the Equity markets. Creative business ideaWe have spoken with many clients over the past few weeks and we have been asked the question of, “what is going on in the markets and what should we be doing”? Here are some facts;

• The U.S. Economy is estimated to grow at 2.5% this year. This rate increase is a slow and steady trajectory and a rate that doesn’t show signs of overheating.
• U.S. employers have created approximately 220k new jobs/month over the past year and today there was an announcement of 292k jobs created last month.
• Layoffs are at very low levels, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Most workers in the U.S. today have good job security, which boosts confidence.
• American homeowners have recovered nearly all the equity lost during the housing bust. Overall net worth, which also includes financial assets, is close to record levels.
• Things have slightly improved in Europe as well, though more slowly than here at home. Euro-zone unemployment is inching down, confidence is improving and a string of back-to-back        recessions appear to be over.

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