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Carole McKeown has regularly rolled out new features of our service packages for 18+ years on the Janiczek® team. In this post, she highlights the features of J-Vault. J-Vault is an application that provides our clients with secure access to all their financial information from any device–desktop, tablet and even your smartphone!

Announcing J-Vault™

We are aware some advisory firms serving high net worth individuals charge as much as $25,000 a year for an advanced online system that aggregates all of a client’s financial information. At Janiczek® Wealth Management such an application, J-Vault, comes standard with our services. We rolled out our J-Vault application, on a pilot basis, to several clients over the last year. We are excited to announce we will offer the J-Vault application to all clients over the next year.

Secure Current Financial Snapshot

Imagine…a highly secure location from which you can obtain a current financial snapshot on your smartphone. Yes! A complete balance sheet with liquid accounts updated with the prior day’s closing prices; a balance sheet so precise it has your latest checking account, credit card, and mortgage balances. And, of course, all investment accounts, retirement accounts and even private investments are included. A nice snapshot of where you are and that’s not all.

Secure Document Archive

Imagine…a secure vault that also contains all your insurance policy data, estate plan documents and copies of important documents like your passport, license, insurance card, wallet/purse cards and so on. These are all standard features. Joseph Janiczek, our founder, is 100% on this system and he loves it. “I click on the App on my iPhone, it automatically detects my face (face recognition security in iPhone X) and, because I have it set up for dual verification (an optional but recommended feature) it instantly texts a six-digit code. I input the code and I have access to all my information. This is one elegant application. It’s dream access to my updated financial information whenever I need it.”

Resolve the Unexpected

The J-Vault application is more than a handy modern-day financial organization system. Let’s say  you and your passport part ways somewhere between exiting the Rome-to-Palermo plane and taking in the view from your balcony at the Hotel Mercure Palermo. What now?

If you are a Janiczek client enrolled in J-Vault, you can retrieve your passport details, or details from any other archived documents, using a smart device. Having instant access to secure copies of passport or other travel documents won’t bring your original passport back, but you do have the benefit of easy access to information you need to take the next step.

Green-Yellow-Red Color-Coded Dashboard

Client’s familiar with our Strength-Based Wealth Management services are also familiar with our Wealth Optimization Plan and color-coded strength/weakness dashboard. Good news is that a digital copy of your latest plan can also be stored in the system, giving you instant access to all the wonderful features of our patented system.

There’s More

Finally, there’s one more feature that makes this system superior. You have the ability to load contact information for all professionals—your Janiczek Wealth Management Team, your CPA, attorney, insurance agents, etc.  Furthermore, you have the option to allow other users limited access to your account. Thus, at your discretion, you can arrange access for your trusted advisors. This feature streamlines the exchange of required information between you and your trusted advisor, a service and collaboration bonus for you and them.

Next Step

During your next semi-annual check-in meeting, be sure to mention your interest and we can help you get set up. If you would like to start your J-Vault service sooner, call us at 303-721-7000. We will arrange a time to complete your account setup.

If you are not a Janiczek client yet, this is one of many reasons to visit with us. Take a serious look at the many advantages of our investment and wealth management services. Begin the conversation by calling Cathy Wegner, Director of New Client Engagements, at 303-339-4482.

Carole McKeown

Carole McKeownis a Wealth Strategist for Janiczek® Wealth Management. Carole brings 16 years of financial planning experience to Janiczek’s Strength Based Wealth Management Platform. She has a Registered Paraplanner designation through the College for Financial Planning and holds a Life and Health insurance license with the state of Colorado.

(303) 339-4515

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