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Joseph Janiczek, founding partner of Janiczek Wealth Management, recently wrote the following article about a project underway with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, an interventional cardiologist and founder of APEX.

Within their respective disciplines, Mr. Janiczek (Wealth) and Dr. Gladden (Health) both advocate integrative, evidence-based programs tailored to the individual. Both recognize disciplined, pro-active resource management promotes performance optimization. Each pursues methods to help minimize risk, foster confidence, and support personal life goals.

However, even more remarkable than such parallels is the potential of wealth and health added together.     -Cathy Wegner

 The Wealth + Health + Longevity Breakthrough

Jeffrey Gladden, MD, a world-class longevity expert and founder of APEX, and I have discovered that it is quite beneficial to comprehensively look at wealth, health and longevity in an integrated way.

The Stages of Financial Freedom with Longevity animated illustration below shows the profound impact longevity has on wealth and the new possibility of reclaiming health and extending longevity that is now possible as a result of breakthroughs in medicine.

Exhibit 1: The Stages of Financial Freedom® with Longevity

Working together, we discovered two breakthroughs are possible, when looking at this dynamic together, that can be quite additive to proactive wealth management and optimum health management:

  1. The possibility of reclaimed health and expanded longevity brings an ideal financial mindset into play that can help you think, act and stay in peak financial form.
  2. The possibility of reclaimed wealth vibrancy brings an ideal resourcefulness mindset into play that can help you think, act to stay in peak health/fitness form.

Wealth Management with Longevity in Mind

As we have examined how longevity can impact investment and wealth management, we have come to recognize numerous ways it can impact how you may think and act. Here are some examples of how reclaiming health and expanding longevity may impact your finances in the future:

  • Invest ⇒ You may decide to expose your portfolio to slightly more upside potential longer, as if you were permanently in your late-50’s to early 60’s.
  • View work ⇒ You may choose to stay “in the game” longer, actively creating wealth, building more capability and earning more income, all completely on your terms (because you have financial independence but are choosing the proportion of leisure and work that is optimal for you).
  • Spend ⇒ You may choose to lower your portfolio distribution rate (the amount you take out annually) to 2.9% or less instead of 3.9% or less.
  • Optimize health and fitness ⇒ You may pursue your personal health, fitness and longevity more proactively to reclaim your health and vibrancy and maintain it at a high level.
  • View leisure and future retirement ⇒ You absolutely act to enjoy financial security and independence and enjoy a level of leisure and free time you love. However, for wholeness sake, you choose to continue to flourish in fulfilling work (full- or part-time, career or charity) as well.
  • Pursue challenges ⇒ You regularly set exciting stretch goals that require courage, commitment, action and learning–a healthy way to continually grow and support longevity.

All of the above concepts and more are compatible with our Strength-Based Wealth Management and Evidence-Based Investing services. We totally understand that it is each client’s personal choice regarding if and how to integrate this dynamic into their financial and investment planning. Our aim is to be able to adapt to each client to the extent they want to incorporate Wealth + Health + Longevity into their planning.

Seeing all the good possibilities–financially, attitude wise (longer runway to achieve greater success and significance) and happiness/fulfillment wise–we encourage clients to entertain this mindset, planning and action shift.

Optimal Mindsets for Longevity

My long time executive coach, Dan Sullivan, has pinpointed the optimal mindsets for longevity. He is also in collaboration with Dr. Gladden and me on this topic. It’s a great place to start. I highly recommend you read his book and take yourself through his Lifetime Extender exercise. Access digital copy of his book and other great resources related to the optimal mindset for longevity.

Wealth + Health Webinar

Are you inspired to learn more about Wealth + Health and the latest tools and advances to support your longevity journey? If so, listen up!

Joseph Janiczek and Dr. Jeff Gladden will co-present a Wealth + Health webinar in 2019 during which they will dive into this topic further. If you would like to be put on the VIP invitation list, please email us (cwegner@janiczek.com) or complete a quick  Janiczek Events Survey. Be sure to mark your interest in our Wealth + Health event as well as any others you may be interested in.

Additionally, we will keep you informed about our work with Dr. Gladden and Dan Sullivan and other exciting Wealth + Health opportunities and resources. There has never been a better time to think about how you can make your future bigger, better, brighter, healthier….and longer!



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Joseph Janiczek, ChFC, MSFS

Joseph J. Janiczek, ChFC, MSFS is Founder and CEO of Janiczek® Wealth Management, which exclusively serves high net worth investors (individuals with $2 to $20 million portfolios) and ultra-high net worth investors (individuals with $20 million+ portfolios) across the country. After founding and serving as the president of an oil company, Mr. Janiczek recognized that financially successful individuals were greatly underserved by the investment and wealth management industries.

Mr. Janiczek spent decades in the trenches with those experiencing life-changing liquidity events and ultimately developed and patented Systems and Methods of Optimizing Wealth. He is a pioneer in the disciplines of Evidence Based Investing (EBI) and Strength Based Wealth Management™ (SBWM), award-winning author of Absolute Financial Freedom (Prosperity Press) and Investing from a Position of Strength. Mr. Janiczek’s education includes Master of Science Degree in Financial Services (MSFS) and Graduate Certificates of Specialty in Asset Management and Income and Estate Taxation from the American College. He also has his Chartered Financial Consultant designation. Mr. Janiczek has served as a Board of Governor of Legatus International, President of Rotary International Club and Foundation and Board of Director of Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership. Mr. Janiczek is the majority shareholder of Janiczek® and leads its executive Leadership Team.

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